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Kim Printing Cylinder Services was incorporated in Malaysia in 1988, providing On-Site high-tech engineering recovery works on web press, sheet fed and tin printing machines, plastic extrusion machines, ships engines, air craft parts, and countless engineering parts using our technology called 'Electro Chemical Metalizing', which is building metal on metal without heat.

'Electro Chemical Metalizing' is a unique chemical reacted metal build up which is charged by a low voltage power supply. It therefore builds metal on worn out parts which will not cause any distortion on parts to be rebuilt because it has no heat. It is used widely in most engineering parts worldwide. This process is handy and portable to be done on the machine itself, saving a lot of expensive downtime rather than to be dismantled.

Our Malaysia office covers the Asia Pacific Region while our branch in UK incorporated in 2003, covers throughout the EU region.

With a combined experience of more than 40 years across the globe, we offer you our services as a professional.

 Building metal on metal without heat